Interview with Joe Abercrombie

I interviewed Joe Abercrombie for GeekDad. The interview is up!

Joe is a really great guy, and a very witty fellow, as well. For anyone who’s read his books, the witty part’s not surprising at all. Currently Michael and I are fighting over Best Served Cold because I made the suggestion that he read it before I’d even finished it.

Joe had a lot of great insight for writers and geeks, and I hope you enjoy.


One Comment on “Interview with Joe Abercrombie

  1. Dude! You talked to him? *bounce*

    I just finished ‘The Blade Itself’, and I’ve been in Abercrombie-adoration mode for the last few days while I figure out some way to get the rest of his books (it’s looking like driving forty miles to the nearest city is the only fast solution).

    He sounds like a fun guy. I hope I’ll get to meet him someday. … And if I ever do meet him, I hope that I’ll have something more intelligent to say than Captain Luthar going ‘guh!’ at Ardee West.

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