One more time, with feeling!

In many ways, 2009 taught me about all the myriad things I don’t have control over. It’s been humbling, to say the least, to learn so much about this industry. It’s been a little embarrassing to admit just how much I didn’t know, walking in to 2009.

What I didn’t have in business savvy and general know-how, however, I made up for with perseverance in the writing department, something I have absolute control over. My mantra for 2009 was, certainly, Just Keep Writing. And write I did. A whole damn lot.

So, 2010 is already starting off with a lot of loose ends. But I’m still writing. This weekend saw the completion of a short story and a proposal. Now, I’m hunkering down to get back into The Ward of the Rose after a self-inflicted break at the end of December.

Still, I don’t think 2010 is going to be that different, in that the goal is the same as ever: to find homes for my books. But much of this stuff, well, I have no direct control over. I can’t force anyone’s hand. But I can be patient, I can continue to foster friendships and seek out new opportunities… I can keep writing.

So, the one goal for 2010?

Play it again, kid… but play it better.


One Comment on “One more time, with feeling!

  1. To be honest 2009 was a poor year for me and writing, so I am certainly changing everything. I will be performing better this year however. I owe my ideas that much.

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