Guest Post: The Art of Werewolves

Paul Jessup is a guest blogger, going on a small virtual tour of the internet to promote his new book Werewolves. It’s an illustrated book about the journey of one High School teen named Alice, and her voyage into the violent werewolf community. She tries to find a cure, help her brother, and survive violent pack conflicts.  You can purchase a copy here. The art is done by Allyson Haller, and it’s published by Chronicle Books. You can view the rest of the blog tour as it chugs along this week at his website,

For much of this Virtual Tour you’ve heard me natter on about the writing and all that fun stuff. But a huge key part to this book is the art. Every single page has brilliant, beautiful illustrations, and the prose and art go hand in hand perfectly, and the two mesh together to create a really convincing looking journal.  The art makes it more like a graphic novel, yet not at the same time. Had to explain, but still super cool.  Below are some of the interior art, so you can see how awesome it is. Allyson Haller was the illustrator,and her work is just astounding.

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